What Type Of Documents Can Be Created Using Google Docs?

Google Docs supported document types

File typeDescription
DOCA Microsoft Word 97-2003 document.
XLSA Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Workbook.
PPTA Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation.
DOCXAn XML-based Microsoft Word document.

2 more rows

What kind of files are Google Docs?

These are the file types that can be converted to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides: Documents: .doc (if newer than Microsoft® Office 95), .docx, .docm .dot, .dotx, .dotm, .html, plain text (.txt), .rtf, .odt.

Can I use Google Docs?

With Google Docs, you can create and edit text documents right in your web browser—no special software is required. Even better, multiple people can work at the same time, you can see people’s changes as they make them, and every change is saved automatically.

Does Google Docs use wiki technology?

Which technology is being used in creating a document on Google Drive? T/F: Google Docs, a part of Google Drive, uses wiki technology.

How do I use Google Docs 2019?

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Is Google Docs being discontinued?

The aging Google Drive app for desktop is officially deprecated as of today, Google announced in a blog post. Support will be cut off on December 11th and the app will shut down completely on March 12th, 2018. Google now has two fairly new software tools for backing up your data and/or accessing files in the cloud.

What is the main purpose of Google Docs?

Purpose. Google Docs is a very powerful real-time collaboration and document authoring tool. Multiple users can edit a document at the same time, while seeing each others’ changes instantaneously. Users can produce text documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, and surveys.

Can I use Google Docs for free?

Unlike Microsoft Word, Google Docs is free to use…

Google Docs is free for the average user.

How do I start using Google Docs?

Method 1 Getting Started with Google Docs via Its Website

  • Visit Google Docs. Open a new browser tab, and go to the Google Docs.
  • Sign in. Under the Sign In box, type in your Gmail email address and password.
  • View your docs.
  • Create a new document.
  • Type away.
  • Name the document.
  • Exit.

How do I create Google Docs?



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Is Google Docs a word processor?

Microsoft Word versus Google Docs. That’s finally starting to shift, and it looks like Google is the heir apparent. The company’s Google Docs solution (or to be specific, the integrated word processor) is cross-platform, inter-operable, automatically syncs, it’s easily shareable, and perhaps best of all, it’s free.

Who invented Google Docs?

The man behind Google Docs is now trying to reinvent the web app at Box. When Sam Schillace first crossed paths with Box Founder and CEO Aaron Levie in 2006, it didn’t exactly go how Levie expected.

What is Google Docs written in?


Is there a way to create folders in Google Docs?


  1. Open a document. Double-click an existing Google Doc document to open it.
  2. Edit or create your document. Once your document is ready to be saved in your folder, you can proceed.
  3. Click the File Picker. icon.
  4. Click the New Folder. icon.
  5. Enter a name for your folder.
  6. Click ✓.
  7. Click Move here.

How do I use Google Docs in Word?

Step-by-Step Instructions with Screenshots

  • Open your Google Drive and click New.
  • Select File upload.
  • Select the Word doc and click Open. The file will now upload.
  • Double-click the uploaded doc.
  • Click Open with.
  • Select Google Docs.

How do you make a Google Doc a PDF?

Right-click on the PDF file in the file list and select Open With > Google Docs. The PDF file is converted to a Google Doc containing editable text. Notice that the Google Docs version of the file still has the .pdf extension on it, so the files have the same name in the list.