Question: What Is A Group Email Alias?

Understanding Alias and Group Email.

An alias email address is simply a nickname or other email address that goes to an individual (human) user account.

What is a group alias?

An Alias Group is the organization of Alias names or aliases for all members in a dimension by a specification of categories in which the alias names are to be assembled or grouped. Each alias group is assigned a unique name.

What does alias email mean?

An email alias is simply a forwarding email address. The term alias expansion is sometimes used to indicate a specific mode of email forwarding, thereby implying a more generic meaning of the term email alias as an address that is forwarded in a simplistic fashion.

How do I create an email group alias in Gmail?

Add an alias to a group

  • Sign in to your Google Admin console.
  • From the Admin console Home page, go to Groups.
  • Click the name of your group.
  • In the Group information section, click Aliases.
  • Point to the Aliases section and click Edit .
  • In the Group Alias Email field, enter a new address.
  • Click Add Alias Save.

Can I use an alias in Gmail?

Google doesn’t offer this feature in the traditional sense, instead the company has opted for a slightly different take on aliases. With Google, you can add a suffix to the main part of your email address to essentially create an alias. The way this works is you add ‘+alias’ to the main part of your email address.