Quick Answer: How Does WordPress Make Money?

In short, Automattic makes money on WordPress.com by selling advertising on your free sites.

They sell WordPress products or services (custom plugins, themes, web development, consulting, etc.) They work for a company that sell WordPress products or services.

Can I earn money from WordPress?

Alongside other money-making ventures, you can really pull in the cash. The easiest way to make money with WordPress is advertisements. There are many ad plugins available that will help you insert ads into your website. But first, you’ll need to sign up with a platform like Google Adsense or WordAds.

How many views do you need to make money on WordPress?

How many views make money on a WordPress blog? This depends on your niche, the quality of the traffic and how you monetize. That said, as a rough guideline if you have at least 100,000 page views per month you should be making at least $3,500/mo.

Is automattic profitable?

Although Automattic doesn’t release its financial information to the public, its revenues are estimated to be around $50 million annually, and the company is profitable.

Who is WordPress owned by?