Question: Does Wix Integrate With WooCommerce?

While Wix features a fully-integrated eCommerce store on their business plan, WordPress does not come with eCommerce as standard.

Fortunately, as with everything WordPress, there are plenty of sophisticated eCommerce plugins that will transform a standard install into an online retail powerhouse.

Does Wix own my content?

No, Wix is a hosted website builder. If I use Wix to build my website, will they own my content? No, Wix will not become the owner of your content. Here is what their terms of service say: “Wix does not claim any intellectual property rights over the User Content[…]”

Does Wix work with WordPress?

If you want to add a blog to your Wix site, you can use the new Wix Blog! Click here to learn more. You can also use your WordPress blog with Wix by connecting your blog to a subdomain (e.g. Click here to learn more about setting up your subdomain in your Wix account.

Step #5: Connect Your Wix and WordPress Sites

Open the Wix editor for your site, locate your main navigation menu, then hover over it see what options are available to you: Click on Manage Menu, then on Add Page > Link: In the next window, select the Web Address option.

Can you use WooCommerce on Wix?

WooCommerce user-friendly, but a bit more challenging. Launching the website with Wix is free, but it gives you limited access to essential feature in order to take the best from your store and use any advanced tools you need to buy a monthly subscription. WooCommerce is a free shopping cart plugin with free updates.